It has come to the attention of the Shires Board, that there are questions


regarding pools. While we understand there are exceptional circumstances


during this Summer of 2020,above ground pools are prohibited as outlined in


section 8.09, in the "Declaration for the Shires of Cambridge" form, attached in


the "Documents" link.  

Looking to fill Board Vacancies!

The Shires HOA is currently short two board members.  We are looking to fill those positions. The board needs those members in order to perform the duties outlined in the Cambridge declaration & the Shires by-laws.



Without a full board, the HOA is in danger of falling short of the required number of members needed, as outlined in the Shires by-laws.  If that were to occur, the HOA duties would need to be turned over to a management company.  The Shires yearly assessment fee would be at the discretion of the management company.  It would be likely that our relatively small $375 assessment fee would be increased.

Please feel free to reach out to any board member if you are interested in filling one of the these open positions.  


will be coming in the fall 2020, & early in the 2021 new year. 

 HOA are mailed to 

The Shires Mail Box

The Shires

PO BOX 8276

Gurnee, IL 60031-7012

Please feel free to reach out to any board member if you have any questions.

Special Notice

The board has been informed that Warren Township will no longer be repairing driveway aprons unless damaged by road construction or utility work. Homeowners are now expected to repair driveway aprons themselves. If you would like to contact the township here is the information:

 Amy Sarver

Highway Commissioner

Warren Township

17801 W. Washington Street

Gurnee, Illinois 60031

847-244-1101, Ext. 3

New Amendments Ratified 

The board conducted our annual meeting and received owner feedback on the proposed amendments to our by-laws. As such, changes were made and are now ratified. The new amendments address rental properties, grass and yard maintenance, exterior upkeep and roof color changes. Also added was an appeals process to challenge a received violation notice. 

Thank you to the home owners who attended!

Mailboxes and Unsightly Uses Clause

The board is aware of mailbox issues with maintenance and staining. We are looking at options. If you have an issue with your mailbox, please fill out the contact form

Our neighborhood has a restriction on unsightly items being seen from the street such as garbage cans, basketball hoops on their side, faded / peeling paint and other unsightly items. If you have a concern, please contact us.

Report any unusual activity to the Police

Keep a watchful eye out for suspicious activity now that warm weather is here. Watch for parked cars (particularly on Highfield)and people roaming the neighborhood that do not live here. Our monument has been damaged twice. Be safe!

Lake Villa Police 847-356-6106

Lake County Sheriff 847-377-4000

Send us your contact information

Help us notify you of current information by sending us your contact information via the "contact" button. Name, address and email.